Students enrolled in our 10-hour accredited curriculum will survey God’s work in the world through the lenses of Christians who have operated under challenging circumstances – from surrounding cultural hostility to outright persecution.

We offer courses in applied theology covering Kingdom prayer, biblical Christology and anthropology, global and local apologetics from a non-dominant view, ethics, church and mission history from the margins, domestic and global human rights, and discipleship/spiritual formation under difficult conditions.

Courses are designed for students who have either experience with, or a burden for, world Christianity and ministry in communities that exist on the margins, including missionaries, church planters, and lay leaders.

Certificate Curriculum

Course NumberCourse NameCredit Hours
PT6395Theology & Mission of Prayer2 hours
PT6227Christian View of Human Rights2 hours
HT6211Christianity as a Cultural Minority2 hours
PT6228Principles of Leadership: Daniel and Nehemiah2 hours
ST6516World Christianity and Perseverance2 hours

Credits earned may apply toward various RTS degrees including the Master of Divinity (MDiv) and the Master of Arts Biblical Studies (MABS).

Spiritual Formation

The values that shape Edmiston Center students are drawn from the ancient story recorded from Genesis to Revelation – that God is keeping for Himself a people who will run the Christian race well for His purposes, no matter what circumstances surround them.

The Bible lays out a unique narrative: A good and loving God wired human beings to worship Him, to enjoy a harmonious relationship with fellow humans and with the rest of creation.

The Bible also teaches that there are false stories. They have the power to degrade people to the image of the false god they promote.

Both stories offer a path to change setting out life goals, priorities, and purpose, as well as guidance on how those things can be achieved.

These practices, habits, and systems either change individuals into the image of the Creator leading to transformation, spiritual freedom, whole identity, and flourishing, or they change individuals into the images of cultural gods following different stories.

The Edmiston Center curriculum trains participants to continually and critically reflect on which story they follow as their life-giving, life-defining priority. Through this process, we aim to create Kingdom-aware Christians whose minds, priorities, and habits are geared toward an "other-cultural" presence in the world - especially in the times and places where practicing Christianity is hard.