Christian Perseverance Studies

Unique courses and special lectures provide Christian leaders with skills and insight to navigate their surrounding culture, connecting the local and the global.

Experience the Church from every tongue, tribe, and nation.

Experience the Church from every tongue, tribe, and nation.

Uncover overlooked Christian voices from across redemptive history.

Uncover overlooked Christian voices from across redemptive history.

Discover the People of God as a unique and distinct cultural minority.

Discover the People of God as a unique and distinct cultural minority.

Step into the Unfolding Story of God’s People

I will be Your God and You will be my People.

This is the common covenantal thread that unites the Church across time and space. Yet as myopic people, we forget we’re part of a much larger unfolding story that spans from Genesis to Revelation.

We help Christian leaders and laypeople:

  1. Understand the global church’s historical experience
  2. Understand the global church’s contemporary experience
  3. Apply her wisdom to their own local context.

Leaders will gain an understanding of their place in God's unfolding Story.

Unity & Perseverance

The Edmiston Center is committed to connecting the local and global church by providing opportunities to learn how historical, global, and local Christian communities address five foundational issues in their own contexts.

  1. Prayer
  2. Discipleship
  3. Wisdom
  4. Stealth
  5. Transformation

Equipping Today’s Leaders for Tomorrow’s World

Cerificate Program

Certificate of Bible & Ethnicity at RTS Atlanta*

Empowers laypeople to better assist their pastors, and pastors to empower their communities — both with a contextualized and covenantal approach to Scripture.

Grimke Lectures

Grimké Lecture Series

Provides mutual encouragement for pastors, community leaders and laypersons alike that connects local and global concerns in a prayerful, Kingdom-centered setting.

Fellowship & Community

Fellowship & Community

Emphasizing the importance of the local church, we provide a crossroad for seminary students to connect with pastors, ministry leaders, and laypeople.

*Courses that can be applied to a full degree if admitted to degree program.

Welcome from the Director

What happens when global Christian leaders sit down at a cozy kitchen table with local urban and rural leaders, and talk until morning light?

Through Providence, they realize they are intrinsically interwoven, and can learn much from each other.

This is how the Edmiston Center was born, and how we continue to function on the RTS Atlanta campus. The Edmiston Center strives to be that “kitchen table” weaving the local and the global in theology and practice, centered around the unchanging Word of God.

Karen Ellis
Edmiston family photo

About Alonzo and Althea Edmiston

Alonzo and Althea Edmiston, for whom the Edmiston Center is named, exemplify the connection between the local and the global and the weaving together of many cultures for Kingdom good. They spent more than 30 years serving as a Presbyterian missionary in the Belgian Congo in the early part of the twentieth century.

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From church planting to discipleship, spiritual formation to cultural impact, to Christian living under hostility and in stealth: join us at your convenience to gain new perspectives on Christianity from around the world, one lecture at a time.

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